Plasma from blood is used to treat patients with many conditions, including immune system deficiencies, liver problems and hepatitis. When you donate plasma, not only are you earning money, but you may be helping to save a life.

Step 1

Pass the medical examinations. Before you can donate plasma, employees at the plasma center will give you two medical examinations and testing for transmissible viruses. You also must pass medical history screening.

Step 2

Fill your belly with plenty of protein right before you donate plasma for money. To prevent your blood from clotting, plasma centers use an anticoagulant that may make you nauseous. Without protein you are more likely to vomit. Also, eat foods that have a high level of iron.

Step 3

Keep yourself hydrated the day before you donate plasma for money. Drink one glass of water per hour starting three hours before you visit the plasma center to help prevent you from getting light-headed.