Common Accidents in School

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Some may think most accidents happen at home for small children. After all, home is where a young child spends a lot of their time. However, young children are also at risk at school. This is where they not only spend a lot of their day, but are in a much different environment with a wide variety of factors they may not be used to, from the cacophony of many children in a small area to unfamiliar playground equipment. This can contribute to small mishaps through no fault of their own as they traverse the halls and play areas at school.

1 Fall Time All Year Long

Most of the major accidents that happen to children at school are slips, trips and falls. The maze of tiled halls, slick surfaces in the lunchroom, rough patches on the play area or asphalt contribute to the bumps and bruises a child may get on the school grounds. Classrooms also contribute to slips and trips. Books left on the ground or knocked from desks are easily looked over by the most vigilant teacher and can create a speed bump for little feet. Backpacks left forgotten, water bottles that rolled away from the owner and pencils on the ground can also tangle tiny feet as they go from each education station in the classroom. With all the technology now used in classrooms, cables from projectors, TVs and computers that aren’t secured well or have ripped from their mooring can contribute to a serious fall for a small child.

2 Bad Equipment Breaks

One of the main causes of an accident at school, that isn’t primarily the fault of the child, is faulty or defective equipment, either inside or outside of the classroom. Children don’t always concern themselves with whether or not an object is meant to be played with or upon. Chairs can become jungle gyms, and the jungle gym outside can become a high wire. But poorly maintained equipment that breaks under regular play or offers a dangerous position for a child to get to can put a child at grave risk for serious injury.

3 Examples of Accidents at School with Doors

There are many examples of accidents at school. Adults and children glide through them without incident daily, but doors can often be troublesome for small hands to manipulate. They may lose their grip on the door, causing it to close on their hand or the appendage of another child hoping to slide through the opening. Doors with poorly maintained hinges can slam suddenly on a child. A door with wide hinges is a draw for little fingers curious to explore the shiny object, leaving room for serious injury whether or not the door opens or shuts.

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