Common Behavior Problems in the Classroom

Children talking during class
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Behavior problems at school interfere with lessons and disturb other students. These problems often overwhelm teachers, particularly novices, and some consider them the most difficult aspect of a teacher’s work day. Children who exhibit behavior problems invariably require extra attention, which places strain on teachers and slows the pace at which lessons are offered and completed.

1 Sensory Processing Disorder

Children with sensory processing disorder can be disruptive in the classroom because they are unable to keep pace with daily lessons. They might walk around or talk at inappropriate times, and their special needs divert the teacher’s attention from the set program. Children with this disorder find it difficult to organize and make sense of the sensory information that their brain receives from the world around them. Normal activities can seem confusing and overwhelming to them. They often have problems learning and prefer not to play with classmates during recess.

2 Aggressive Students

Aggressive behavior is a serious problem and is disruptive to a supportive and safe learning environment. Physical aggression can be violent, even between young students, and both pupils might get hurt. Aggression between students in the classroom or playground disrupts all other activities and negatively affects teachers and other students. Apart from the initial disruption, the after-effects of physical fighting remain with sensitive pupils and interfere with their school day.

3 Inappropriate Language

Although fairly commonplace in the classroom, inappropriate language does not belong in school and is offensive to many students and teachers. Students may use foul language to impress their classmates or to get the attention of their teacher. Some students use inappropriate language to express frustration or anger, while others use this type of language because it is normal in their home environment. In all cases, teachers should dissuade students from swearing in either the classroom or on the playground.

4 Inattentive Students

Inattentive students tend to fall behind their classmates unless appropriate steps are taken. In certain cases, students may suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which causes them to have difficulty controlling their behavior. These students experience difficulty in organizing school work and sustaining attention. They struggle with starting projects, and even simple school tasks can overwhelm them. These children often require extra attention from teachers, so normal school lessons take longer to complete, and students without learning or other behavior problems become bored and frustrated.

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