Comical Adult Sunday School Lessons

Using the Bible as a comedic device can aid in teaching young adults about God.

Teach adults the gospel of Christ through laughter and comedic interpretations of Bible scriptures. While some see comedy in religion as a progressive movement, humor can also help introduce God in modern culture. Set up lessons using funny punch lines to leave a memorable impression of faith and testimony with parishioners.

1 Being Lead Astray

Teach a class on being lead astray. Give examples of how some churches teach that certain lifestyles are wrong, but what should be taken into consideration is how God loves every child. In this lesson, examine signs. For instance, the infamous Westboro Baptist picketers. Is this what God meant? Where in the Bible does it say "God hates"? Set the lesson up with a punchline. Read Deuteronomy 23:1 “No one whose testicles are crushed or whose male organ is cut off shall enter the assembly of the Lord." Punch line: Apparently, John Wayne Bobbit is the only person cast out of church. Conclude with a message of how to avoid being lead astray by others.

2 Joy and Comfort

Teach a lesson describing the joy and comfort that is awarded to those who represent God. Read Philemon 1:1-21, a letter from Paul who preaches the "good news" from prison. Detail how pampered the current generation has become to set up the punchline. Use iPads, iPhones and the Xbox for examples. Punch line: "Each generation tells the next just how bad they had it. Our generation will be telling our grandchildren how we had to endure our parents taking us to school both ways." Conclude with a message of how to be awarded through faith, love and devotion to God like Paul who was imprisoned for his testimony.

3 The "F Word"

F is for "forgiveness" in the house of the Lord. Plan a Sunday school lesson that teaches "forgiveness" is the new "F Word." Simply put, forgive your enemies because it messes with their heads. Present this message in a funny rather than offensive manner; explain to your class that "F" means "I forgive you for all the wrong you've done to me." Pastor R.A. Vernon has given a message of, "Turn to your neighbor and say F-U." Use this pastor's comedic styling and inspiration as a base for a sermon on forgiveness that may put your class in stitches.

4 Live A Fruitful Life

Read Psalm 81:10-16 in Sunday school. Set the first punch line up at verse 10, "Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things." Punch line: "Looking around class, we can all agree that this verse cannot be argued with. I think you all might be misinterpreting this verse as if it includes cheeseburgers." Discuss what God really meant by "good things." Continue reading and discuss ways Christians can be stubborn. Add another punch line after reading verse 12, "Live according to their stubborn desires? ... That's just a polite way of saying: 'sinning.'" Conclude by examining what sinning is and how to overcome desires to live a more fruitful life.

Brittany McComas has been writing since 2000. She has served as a scriptwriter, freelance writer, editor, dramaturg and producer for theater, television, radio and film. She wrote for a television series that won a Royal Television Society Award. McComas holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theater from West Virginia University and a Master of Arts in scriptwriting from Bath Spa University.