Even though she's number one in your eyes, your girlfriend sometimes doubts how much you truly care about her when it comes to other girls. Whether you only have a few friends that are girls or you have a fairly large female social circle, putting her at the center of your attention is a must. From sharing parts of you that you don't show other girls to special romantic gestures, you can prove that she's the only one who's in your heart.

Sharing Is Caring

Creating a sense of closeness is a sign that you have, or are building, a healthy, meaningful relationship, according to the TeensHealth article "Love and Romance." Closeness develops as the two of you share your inner-most thoughts, secrets, hopes, fears and dreams with each other. Trading these inside secrets with your girlfriend, and not other girls, shows her that you care about her more than anyone else. Doing so lets her know that you trust her and care enough to show her who you truly are.

Make a Commitment

If things are still somewhat casual or uncertain, making a promise to commit to your girls shows her that you care about her more than any other woman. Making a commitment means that you're pledging to stay with her and only her -- possibly long-term. This is crucial if you have also been dating other girls. For example, the two of you have been casually dating for a few months. While you consider her your "girlfriend," you have also been hanging out with someone else off and on. Committing to your girlfriend, and ditching your other dates, shows that you care more about her than anyone else.

Romantic Gestures

From the grand to the mini, romantic gestures show your girl that you care about her. Make her forget about the other girls in your life by showering her with everyday acts of caring and kindness. For example, pull out the chair for her when the two of you go out to dinner or wrap your arm around her. These everyday moves make an even more pronounced impact when you do them in front of other girls. If you want to go grand, try having the DJ broadcast a romantic song dedication to her from you when you're out dancing or ordering a heart-felt singing telegram.

Pay Attention

You don't have to go overboard or be outrageous to show that you care more about your girlfriend than other girls. Simply paying attention to her will let her know how you feel and put her in the social spotlight. For example, the two of you are hanging out at the mall with friends. Instead of talking up the other girls around, focus on your girlfriend. This lets her know that you care about what she's saying and doing more than anyone else in the room.