How Can I Cash a $5000 Cashier's Check Without an Account?

Cash your check without a bank account.

Trying to cash a cashier’s check without having a bank account can present major challenges. Few banks will risk cashing a cashier’s check for any denomination if you are not an account holder. You can expect increased scrutiny for a cashier’s check of five-thousand dollars or more. However, some check-cashing services are more amenable to negotiate such large financial instruments than others. For example, Ace Cash Express claims on its website that it will cash "all kinds of checks . . . even the ones they won’t cash elsewhere.”

Take identification to cash your check.

Gather your identification. You will need two or more pieces of official documentation that establishes your identity. Your driver’s license, passport, military identification, or state-issued identification cards, for example, are generally acceptable forms of identification.

Sign the back of the cashier’s check. Your signature reflects acceptance of the funds that are issued to the payee.

Present the five-thousand dollar cashier’s check at the bank from which it was issued. Most banks will not cash a check if you do not have an account with them, because they may not be able to verify that the check and funds are valid. However, the bank that issued the cashier’s check can quickly establish the validity of the check and proceed to cash your check.

Visit a check cashing service. For a service fee that typically ranges from one to three percent of the face value of the instrument, a check cashing business will cash your cashier’s check after verifying that sufficient funds are available from the institution that issued it.

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