A curse uses magic to cause misfortune and harm. Some curses are just an annoyance; others, however, are meant to bring evil and ruin into your life. Fortunately, curses are like promises. They can be broken.

Lose faith in the ability of the curse to cause harm. Curses work on your imagination since no one genuinely has the ability to place one. Curses only work when you believe in them. Stop believing the curse can affect your life and it loses power over you.

Learn about the magic of the person who placed the curse. Superstitious practices evoke curses in different ways. To defeat the curse you must find out how it works and gain its powers. Practicing witches and sorcerers may be able to help you break the power of the curse.

Locate the source of the curse. Find the object that was used to place the curse. Search for any unfamiliar objects in your home and destroy them. Items commonly used to carry out curses will include your hair, fingernail clippings or some item of clothing.

Buy protection from the curse or a curse breaker. Powerful amulets may offer protection against the curse while you are wearing them. Magic potions and herbs could lift the curse when used correctly. You want a source of strong white magic to counteract the dark magic of the curse. Beware of scam artists who will charge you lift the curse. Never pay anyone a large sum to remove the curse.

Curse the curser. Take an object connected to the curser and place a curse on it. Ask a witch doctor or some other person who practices curses to place a counter curse. Tell the person who cursed you, and it cancels the curse he or she placed on you.


  • Even though a curse can be carried out by anyone, a curse from an individual trained in dark magic is stronger.