How to Be Smart. If you're jealous of those people who always seem to know the right answers, don't think that you can't be one of those people. Here's how you can increase your intelligence and be smart even if you're not in school.

Step 1

Eat a good breakfast. The day for most people starts with breakfast. The brain needs proper and balanced nutrition to function to its fullest capabilities. Eat foods high in carbohydrates. Try enriched cereals, fruit and meal replacement bars to help increase intelligence.

Step 2

Keep a routine, or regular schedule, to eliminate unnecessary stress. You'll focus better on tasks, have a clearer mind, be less forgetful and stimulate your thought processes in a healthier manner. You'll also manage your time more effectively.

Step 3

Take a few classes at a local university, community college or adult center. Find something you've never done before or really want to learn and learn it. Make your best effort to do well in these classes. Your brain is similar to a muscle and benefits from exercising through learning.

Step 4

Read books to stimulate your brain, and you'll be smarter. Reading the right books helps you gain knowledge, and with more knowledge, you become more intelligent.

Step 5

Challenge yourself to puzzles to increase intelligence. Even if you don't get the right answers, attempting to solve the puzzles can increase brain power. Work crossword puzzles to stimulate your thought process.

Step 6

Learn over the Internet, which is vast and full of information on every topic. Search for reading material, free classes and even seminars online.

Step 7

Practice being smart. Try your hand at trivia games. Teach someone the new knowledge you've just gained to reinforce what you've learned. Think of yourself as being smart. A good self image goes a long way towards making you feel smarter.