Colleges offer diplomas in Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees, and it is important to know the difference to figure out what you need. A bachelor's degree is awarded to students for completing a four-year college curriculum. Depending on the university, you may be given the option of taking a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts within your major. Research each type of degree when evaluating academic programs.


The Bachelor of Arts degree tends to focus on interdisciplinary courses that supplement the student's learning within his concentration, while the Bachelor of Science degree tends to focus on more technical and scientific classes specific to the major.


Those who are scientifically inclined and have an interest in experiments may want to choose a Bachelor of Science degree, while those who are more artistically and rhetorically inclined may want to get a Bachelor of Arts degree. Students may earn different degree combinations, such as a dual Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science major.


The Bachelor of Science is given to those who major in science or mathematics, such as physics, chemistry, mathematics or biology. The Bachelor of Arts is given to those who major in the liberal arts, such as political science, English, education or social studies. Some majors, such as psychology, may be offered in both degrees.

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The Bachelor of Arts degree is less specialized compared with the Bachelor of Science degree. Bachelor of Arts degrees groom the student to be well-rounded, and the curriculum may offer many more liberal arts and general education courses. A Bachelor of Science degree requires more laboratory and quantitative classes.


The Bachelor of Arts degree is suited for students who want to explore many disciplines after graduation, either for graduate studies or in the work place. A Bachelor of Science is suited for students who want a career in science, such as those going to medical school.