How to Make a Propaganda Project

by Jordan Sellas

Propaganda projects can be a fun way to drive home lessons in the classroom. Allowing the students to create their own works of propaganda -- posters or literature presenting partisan information that serves a particular agenda -- helps students to better understand the concepts by putting them into action. These lighthearted projects often time lead to further classroom discussion and exploration into the concept by the students. Whether its a general literature or history class, propaganda projects are an excellent alternative to simply testing over the various types of propaganda that are currently in usage.

Give a detailed lesson explaining different types of propaganda techniques.

Allow students to partner with another student and choose a type of propaganda that they would like to emulate. Give all students the same topic to work with. For instance, if you are reading "Animal Farm" in class, have the students create propaganda promoting the farm.

Give the option of making a poster, a video, or a presentation that demonstrates the desired method of propaganda. Each group, in addition to making the propaganda, should write out a detailed single page explanation of what type of propaganda was used for their project.

Create a checklist for the students to work through so they know what components of the project they have completed as per your requirements.

Have the students present the projects in class. Presentations also drive home the various lessons you have given explaining how propaganda works.

Things You Will Need

  • Poster board
  • Markers


  • Allow the students to be creative.


  • Give the students no more than a week to complete the assignment.
  • Review the projects before you display them in class, checking for any offensive material.

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