To write a helpful outline for an exemplification essay, the writer must first choose a topic. If the assignment allows for choice, the writers should select a topic that interests them so the final essay will be better written. Follow the guidelines given by the instructor regarding the number of paragraphs needed so that the outline will have the correct number of sections. Many standard essays have these sections: an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

Step 1

Select a topic based on the guidelines of the assignment. Since exemplification essays usually focus on proving or disproving a statement and providing lots of information and details, topics like "Teenagers Are Bad Drivers," "Traveling Abroad Helps People Become Less Prejudiced" or "The Media Causes Eating Disorders" could be good choices.

Step 2

Write the Roman numeral "I" for the introduction. Write the thesis statement that will be used in the essay. This thesis needs to clearly state the observation, statement or situation that will be discussed in the exemplification essay.

Step 3

Write the Roman numeral "II" for the first body paragraph and an example, anecdote or story that supports the exemplification thesis statement. Underneath this "II," indent and write "A." and then "B." underneath the "A." Next to these letters, write brief descriptions about parts of the example that will be discussed in the paragraph.

Step 4

Repeat step three for the number of body paragraphs the essay requires. For example, if the essay must be a five paragraph essay, then the outline will have sections II, III, and IV. Each of these sections will provide additional examples that further prove or disprove the generalization stated in the thesis.

Step 5

Finish the outline using the next Roman numeral. Again, with a standard five paragraph essay, the conclusion would be listed as "V." For this section, write a sentence that restates the thesis statement in a new, fresh way by using different words or changing the sentence structure.