How to Write a Resemblance Argument Essay

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Resemblance argument essays are essays based on comparisons. The purpose of a resemblance argument essay is to explain why X is or is not like Y. The X is usually solid while the Y is more typically an opinion. The best topics have multiple causes and effects or pros and cons and are not solely based on opinion.

1 Brainstorm topic ideas

Brainstorm topic ideas by thinking of concrete issues (positive or negative) like underage drinking, AIDS in Africa, or cost of healthcare. Try to choose an issue that you have previous knowledge of or are interested in researching.

2 Think of a specific

Think of a specific (but probably not entirely factual) comparison to your chosen issue. You might choose to make a claim that the gravity of AIDS in Africa is like having no repercussions for murder in the United States.

3 Ask yourself a few questions before further developing your comparison

Ask yourself a few questions before further developing your comparison. Ask if your readers will believe the analogy you are trying to prove, and if so ask what methods of persuasion you will use and what hard evidence could strengthen your argument. Finally, be sure you have enough similarities in your analogy and that the differences do not deter the reader from the similarities.

4 Research your claim

Research your claim by getting facts and statistics from your issue (X), and more importantly by gathering hard evidence about the comparison (Y). Review your research and highlight the similarities between X and Y as well as notable differences.

5 Organize your argument into an introduction

Organize your argument into an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should present the issue (X) to the reader and detail the controversy and importance. End the introduction with your claim (X is like Y). The body should demonstrate obvious parallels that illuminate your claim, but also respond to predicted debate and disagreement. The conclusion should be set up similar to your introduction, and it should reiterate the claim, analogy, and points made in the body.

6 To ensure accuracy

Edit your essay thoroughly to ensure accuracy in points made as well as accuracy in grammar and typographical issues. A well-written resemblance argument essay can for a creative and fun way to persuade others.

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