How to Understand Nanometers


Hi, my name is Marija, and today I'm going to show you how to understand nanometers. A nanometer is a very small unit of measurement and one nanometer is one times 10 to the negative ninth meters which is also the same thing as one billionth of a meter so it's a very small measurement and where we see this used a lot is in science. So a nanometer can be used for example to measure the diameter of a helium atom, that's one place that you might see it. You also might use a nanometer to describe the diameter of a ribosome so all things that are very small atomic things that are found inside. So a nanometer is a very small unit of measurement. It is one billionth of a meter and it's mainly used to describe atomic measurements in science and that is how to understand nanometers.

Marija Kero graduated from the Pforzheimer Honors College at Pace University with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Adolescent Education.