How to Simplify Improper Fractions


Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov, and this is "how to simplify improper fractions." Now, an improper fraction is a fraction in which the numerator, what is above the line, is bigger than the denominator. So, for example eight fifths. Now, to simplify it, we wanna turn it into a mixed number, or mixed fraction. And, the way we do that is we wanna create an integer to the left, accounting for most of the fraction. In this case, eight fifths. Let's think about it differently. Let's think about it as five fifths plus three fifths. Now, you're allowed to do that as long as the denominator stays the same. So, five plus three is eight over five. Now, what makes this helpful is that five over five is also known as one. So, you have one plus three fifths, or one and three fifths, which is proper notation for a mixed fraction. So, that's how you simplify an improper fraction into a mixed fraction.

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