What Are Some Things Teenagers Have to Deal With in High School?

High school is more than just homework and sports.
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Navigating the school halls can be hard enough, but teenagers have more to deal with than just homework and demanding teachers in high school. High school is the time in your life where you will learn more about yourself and go through experiences that prepare you for the future.

1 Bullying

Bullying may not just be something that happens in the school halls or classrooms -- it can also happen online by spreading rumors or embarrassing pictures to classmates through social media. Examining Characteristics and Associated Distress Related to Internet Harassment: Findings From the Second Youth Internet Safety Survey, published in “Pediatrics” in 2006 reported that 38 percent of preteen and teen participants who were bullied online felt hurt and threatened. Whether being bullied online or at school, bullying can negatively affect your grades. Research from the Virginia High School Safe Study, conducted by clinical psychologist Dewey Cornell and Anne Gregory, published by the University of Virginia in 2008, found that students who had been bullied had a greater chance of getting lower test scores.

2 Academic Pressure

In high school, many students start to feel the pressure of more responsibility. Teenagers get pressure from their parents and teachers to get good grades and get into a desirable college. The stress from all the pressure can also affect your academic performance. However, pressure to get good grades may not be a bad thing, according to Stephanie Sammartino McPherson, former teacher and author of “Stressed Out in School?” Learning to submit assignments by deadline and working under pressure can help prepare you for future jobs.

3 More Serious Relationships

High school is when people start to have dating relationships that go beyond an elementary school crush or middle school hangouts. It’s a time where teenagers are more interested in pursuing romantic relationships and experimenting with committing to someone they have are attracted to. Some teens may experience their first love or sexual relationship. A 2001 study published in the “Genetic Social & General Psychology Monographs” titled “Academic, Motivational, and Emotional Correlates of Adolescent Dating” found that teens who were frequent daters had lower grades and less motivation in school. However, it is unclear whether dating was responsible for these students’ low academic achievement and motivation, or if these students already had low academic achievement and motivation, and just happened to put more energy into frequent dating.

4 Peer Pressure

Whether you’re the cool kid or the geek, it is normal to want to fit in and be accepted by your peers. Peer pressure can start in elementary school, according to Brett Laursen, professor of psychology at Florida Atlantic University. Teenagers are influenced by the friends they have. The desire to please your friends may cause you to face pressure to experiment with things you’re not comfortable with. According to Laursen, the better you get along with your parents, the less likely you are to be influenced by your peers. However, not all peer pressure is negative. If you are close friends with good influences, for example, people who want to make the honor roll, you are more likely to be influenced to take your classes seriously.

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