Few things are more inspiring and exciting than being in love. This intoxicating emotion makes you want to profess your love to the world, spend every waking moment with your boyfriend and do everything in your power to make him feel special and appreciated. Learn to express your love to him in ways that will really make him feel how much you care.

The L-Word

The easiest way to let your boyfriend know you love him is by simply telling him so. A quick "I love you" when parting ways, after a disappointment or before his big day with something important, like a math test or a college interview, is sometimes all it takes to boost his mood and make him feel good. Add an element of surprise and slip a little love note in with his lunch one day, in his pants pocket for him to find later, or leave one on his windshield so that he sees it when he gets in his car. Don't overdo it, though -- constantly telling your boyfriend that you love him can become overbearing, and leaving notes too frequently can quickly diminish their special quality.

Suffering Through Sports

Nothing says "I love you" quite like taking an occasional interest in your boyfriend's favorite things. Selflessly sitting through a football game with him and trying your best to be attentive and excited, for example, can really send the message to your boyfriend that you love him -- especially if he knows his favorite sport ranks high on your list of things you can't stand. Another way to show him that you love and trust him is allowing him to go out with the guys every once in awhile without any complaints, protests or guilt trips. If he's getting together with his friends at a local pizza shop or other eatery, call ahead and arrange to pick up their tab to do something thoughtful for him without infringing on his guy time.

Behind Every Man ...

It's easy to show your love when things are going great and you and your boyfriend feel on top of the world. When things get tough for a partner, however, couples are often left unsure about how to show their love and support in an appropriate way. When your boyfriend is disappointed, discouraged or feeling down, become his strong woman and be understanding and supportive, but not pushy or aggressive. Be there for him if he wants some company, listen to him if he wants to talk and help him with errands or tasks that might be difficult for him to tackle while he's bummed. Most importantly, be understanding, willing and able to give him space if he needs time alone.

Sweet Little Somethings

Whether it's for his birthday, a special occasion or simply "just because," give your boyfriend a little gift as a token of your love and gratitude for him. Personalized or homemade gifts are the most thoughtful. Hunt down and purchase that elusive, live album or collector's card that he's been dying to get his hands on, and give it as a gift that says "I know the little things that really matter to you." Make him a gift basket filled with his favorite treats to let him know how carefully you've paid attention to his tastes. Write him a song, paint him a work of art or recreate his favorite restaurant meal to surprise him with a considerate, homemade gift straight from the heart.