Staying involved in a middle school student's academic life is important as a parent of an adolescent.

Along with all of the social, physical and emotional changes in a middle school student's life, there are also changes in her responsibilities in her academic life. In elementary school, teachers put in place many safety nets and support systems to ensure success. Middle school students are expected to know what is due, when it is due and how to learn from textbooks, notes and lectures. Parents of middle school students are not always as involved in helping their child navigate through her academic responsibilities as they were with their elementary-aged children. Keeping on top of her academic life presents challenges during this time of her life.

Planning Tips

If a middle school student learns how to use a planner, it will greatly benefit his study habits. He writes his assignments and when they are due in his planner.

Another tip that the planner can help with is to plan his study time. Leaving plenty of time to study and scheduling homework time helps an active middle schooler realize his responsibilities.

Many schools have websites that list homework and assignment due dates. The website may also include homework help sites. Taking advantage of the resources on the school's site is a way to stay on top of all his activities.


Attending school everyday should be a priority in the middle schooler's life. Many discussions happen daily in class that are hard to replicate on worksheets.

If she does miss class for illness, she needs to ask the teachers for any work that was missed and complete it in a timely fashion.

Having a study-note buddy in each class can help if she is out of class. This buddy picks up any extra worksheets when they are distributed for her missing buddy and lets her know about any new assignments.

Ask for Help

If a middle school student needs help with a subject, he should ask for help. Many teachers have a prep time or after school time set aside for tutoring. School counselors can also help him find help.

Finding a friend or older sibling that understands the subject he is struggling with can help him get over tough times.

In Class

To be a good student in middle school, focus on the class discussions, readings and assignments. Have a notebook handy and take notes when the teacher is discussing the objectives.

Use highlighters, arrows, different colored pens or sticky notes to help you define the important aspects of the lesson that day.

Each student trying to do their best, focus and planning their assignments should succeed in middle school, high school and beyond.