Teamwork Activities for Teenagers

Balloon games are a great way to build teamwork skills in teenagers.

Being able to work effectively as a member of a team is important throughout life. This topic is the focal point in many seminars and career-building workshops because many people never seem to fully grasp the skill. Organizing activities to help develop this skill in teenagers is an effective way to prepare them for a successful future in their professional and personal lives.

1 Field of Explosives

Scatter objects on the floor or ground and divide the participants up into pairs. The object of the game is to pretend you are in a minefield full of explosives. One partner is blindfolded and the other partner is responsible for guiding both of them through the minefield to avoid being blown up.

2 Sequence of Events

Each member of the group gets a picture of a part of an activity or a sequence of events. The key is to put the sequence into the correct order without showing anyone else your picture. This builds communication and helps you understand someone else’s perspective.

3 Balloon Bop

Divide your teenagers into three or four groups, depending on the number of participants. One member tosses an inflated balloon into the air and shouts out another person’s name and body part. The person whose name was called out will then use that body part to keep the balloon in the air. Once he has managed to bounce the balloon back up, he shouts out another team member’s name and body part. Whenever a team allows a balloon to touch the floor on three occasions, that team is out. Play continues until the last team is out and declared the winner.

4 Cotton Ball Race

This activity can be done on a long table. Divide the group into pairs, and give each person in the group a straw. Everyone will use the straws to blow a cotton ball across a finish line. Someone should use a timer to see which team worked together the fastest to complete the goal.

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