Learning English is essential to surviving in the United States and other English-speaking countries. Teaching English is a valuable skill because of the large number of adults who need to speak English for business or personal needs. Here we will help you to learn how to teach English to adults.

Divide your lessons up into units. Units may include, shopping, driving, working the home or anything that might suit the needs of your specific students.

Bring in props to teach vocabulary words. For example, in a unit about shopping, you can bring canned goods, clothing and shopping bags.

Act out scenes. Create a script of a situation, like going to the movies. Use pictures to help the students understand the scenes. Write simple dialogue, such as "Jean is going to the movies." Your dialogue should include the vocabulary words that you have already taught. Ask your students to act out the scenes.

Work in teams. Students can pair up, asking and answering phrases in English for practice. A sample question for a shopping unit could be, “What did you buy from the store?” Each student in the team can answer the question beginning with the words “I bought.” It may be beneficial for students who work in teams to speak the same native language. That way, the students will be able to understand the relationship between their language and English.

Use flashcards. Put words on flashcards and label items in the room with the flashcards. This is another method to teach vocabulary.

Watch movies. Show a in a different language with English subtitles. Continually rewind the movie and ask the students to read the text in English.

Read books. Use fiction and English workbooks and textbooks with activities to teach grammar and word relationships. Students can complete homework assignments out of the books to practice reading and writing English.

Practice English. Practice English every day with your adult learner. If you do not see the person every day, ask the adult learner to practice at home.