For many essays, a teacher, instructor or professor will be reading to make sure all your claims are supported with quality, relevant evidence from an external source. Even though a well-constructed subjective essay must have an interesting and compelling argument at its center, in a subjective essay there is no need for justification from external sources. When you analyze the key elements of a subjective essay, you’ll develop an understanding of what one is.


At the center of a well-constructed subjective essay is your personal vision and opinion on a particular subject. Sometimes an instructor will give you a guide or idea of what your subjective essay needs to focus on, such as an aspect of the automobile industry or how music influences plant growth, but whatever your focus, it is your own unique opinion that will be the essence of your subjective essay. Take a strong position on a subject that you’re knowledgeable about.


There is no room in a subjective essay for specific evidence from an external source. All claims you make in support of your central argument must be justified and supported by your own personal knowledge on the subject. A subjective essay is a developed glimpse into your own personal opinion, and it is this aspect of the essay that will engage your readers and cause them to wonder how and why you’ve developed a particular stance.


Even though a subjective essay is fundamentally based on your opinion, why you believe something to be true must be supported with logical claims. Your ultimate goal is still to persuade your reader and give them a developed insight into a particular topic. This can’t be achieved with illogical support. For example, if you claim that Honda cars are poorly built because you owned one that broke down often, your reasoning is illogical, but if you worked at a Honda dealership and you witnessed thousands of Honda cars have terrible problems, you’d be able to construct a more logical argument.

Clean & Clear

A subjective essay must abide by the same fundamental rules as other formal essays. Your prose must be clean, clear and free of spelling and grammatical mistakes in order to be successful. In the midst of constructing an essay that’s based on your opinions don’t fall victim to the mistake that the paper is informal.