How to Strengthen Nails Due to Overuse of Nail Polish

Nail art and gel shine polishes stand out when your nails are healthy and strong.
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A manicure provides a polished finishing touch, making you look and feel put together. Whether you opt for neutrals, french manicures or nail color that changes to suit the weather, you may find that your tips need a bit of TLC every now and then. Nails become weak and prone to breakage when coated in polish excessively. Give your nails a break and a pamper for at least one day a week; you'll find that when you do return to the salon, the results will be more uniform and long-lasting.

Smooth the edges of your nails with a fine-grain nail file, filing in one direction. Do this twice a week.

Soak your nails in a bowl filled with warm water and tea-tree oil soap, a natural antiseptic, for 3 to 5 minutes.

Massage a cuticle oil into your nail beds. Reapply as often as possible, and opt for a roll-on formula that can be patted on throughout the day.

Smooth a moisturizer over your hands and nails every time you wash your hands. Use a formula that contains urea or lactic acid to help prevent nails from peeling.

Wear gloves when washing the dishes, cleaning or going outside in cold temperatures to keep your nails from flaking.

Use formaldehyde-free polish and acetone-free remover on your nails if you have to paint them. They won't strip your nails like stronger formulas.

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