How to solve proportion problems. I'm Bon Crowder with and we're going to talk about proportion problems. Here we have one. Bon and Kate have apples in the proportion of 1 to 3. Bon, that's me, has 5 apples. How many apples does Kate have? Well the proportion 1 to 3 means 1/3 so this is how many Bon has to how many Kate has. So we know that Bon has 5 apples for real, not in proportion. So the question is how many does Kate have. So we put these two fractions together and we say 1/3 = 5/how many? And sometimes when we mean how many instead of a ? we use a variable. So what we do is we multiply both sides by X/1 and then we have X/3 = 5X because the Xs cancel and then we multiply both sides by 3 and then the 3s cancel and then we have X = 15. Let me go ahead and cancel those 3s. And I have X = 15. And what is 15, 15 is how many apples Kate has. And that's how you solve a proportion problem. I'm Bon Crowder with Have fun solving proportions.