Shoe Stretcher Instructions

Too-tight shoes or boots can ruin a fun weekend.
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Shoe stretchers look like medieval torture devices, but they are simple tools that make your too-tight shoes a little more comfortable. Shoes made of natural materials such as leather and suede are the best candidates for stretching, because stretched synthetic materials tend to shrink to their original size. You can buy shoe stretchers made for men's, women's or children's shoes, and for boots or high heels,

1 Operating a Shoe Stretcher

Before you stretch your shoes, moisten them with a shoe-stretch liquid or aerosol spray, which relaxes the fibers and makes stretching easier. Wait a minute or two for the spray to soak into the shoe and then insert the stretcher into the toe of the shoe. Turn the nob at the back of the stretcher until the front of the device fits tightly in the toe of the shoe -- then turn the nob an extra two or three turns. If you have a two-way stretcher, adjust the knob on the side of the device to stretch the width of the shoe. Leave the stretcher in the shoe overnight and then try on the shoe. If it still feels too snug, repeat the process.

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