How to Shave With a Razor for Teenagers

Allow shaving cream to penetrate the skin for a minute before shaving.
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The first time you contemplate shaving, you might be a little hesitant. You may wonder if it will hurt, if your hair will grow back thicker or if you'll end up with unsightly cuts and scrapes. The good news is that you can remove these thoughts from your mind -- shaving hair from your face, legs or armpits doesn't have to be a hair-raising experience. When done the right way, shaving is a safe, effective way to replace unwanted hair with smooth skin.

  • Disposable razor
  • Non-alcohol shaving cream
  • Mild face wash
  • Towel
  • Moisturizing lotion
  • Mild body soap
  • Washcloth

1 Beard Be Gone

2 Splash

Splash a generous amount of warm water on your face for one minute to open your pores and soften the hair follicles.

3 Pump a dollop

Pump a dollop of shaving cream onto your fingertips and apply liberally to your jaw, chin as well as the skin above your upper lip. You should have a thick layer of cream on your face.

4 Stretch

Stretch your skin a bit by opening your mouth and pulling your lips over your teeth, making the skin taut. This gives you a flatter surface to shave.

5 Place your razor

Place your razor where the hair is present, starting on one side of your face. This is usually right below the ear or on the skin above your upper lip. Glide the razor gently in the direction of hair growth. When you become more experienced, you can reverse the razor against the grain; this can lead to bumps and rashes, however.

6 Rinse the razor with warm water after every stroke

Rinse the razor with warm water after every stroke; this keeps the blade fresh and ensures a smooth cut. Continue shaving all areas until the shaving cream is gone.

7 Rinse your face with warm water

Rinse your face with warm water. Follow up with a mild face wash, and pat your skin dry. Apply an after-shaving cream or moisturizing lotion to the entire area. If you're prone to oily skin, use an oil-free moisturizer; go with a thick, cream-based moisturizer if scaly, dry skin is your norm.

8 Get a Leg Up

9 Stand

Stand in a warm shower for a few minutes so the water can soften your skin and open up the pores.

10 Apply a liberal amount of shaving cream

Apply a liberal amount of shaving cream from your ankle to your knee. If you have unwanted hair on or above the knee, you can take care of that the next time you shave. For your first time, however, concentrate on shaving your lower leg.

11 Place your foot

Place your foot on a shower seat or on the side of your tub. If you don't have a shower seat, place a small stool in the shower with you and use that.

12 Place the razor directly below your knee

Place the razor directly below your knee, with the handle pointing toward your foot. Glide the blade all the way down the leg to your ankle in the direction of hair growth, using short, slow strokes.

13 Rinse the razor blade

Rinse the razor blade well to remove hair and shaving cream. Place the razor next to the cleanly shaven strip, onto the shaving cream, and shave again from knee to ankle. Repeat around the entire leg, using short, slow strokes.

14 Rinse your legs

Rinse your legs. Apply a thin layer of shaving cream over the entire leg again if your legs are not smooth. Shave against the grain this time. Most teenagers won't have to do this the first time that they shave.

15 Pat your skin

Pat your skin dry with a clean towel and rub a generous amount of an aloe-based or alcohol-free moisturizing lotion onto your legs. This helps to calm the skin, lock in moisture and give your legs a smooth sheen.

16 Underarm Action

17 Take a warm shower

Take a warm shower and wash your armpits with a mild body soap and washcloth to remove dirt and deodorant.

18 Rinse the soap from under your arms

Rinse the soap from under your arms. Apply a dollop of shaving cream to your fingertips and apply the cream to the area of the armpit.

19 Place your palm

Place your palm on the back of your neck and swing your elbow to the side. Hold the elbow in this position. This makes the skin of the armpit stretch flat, and allows for an easier shave.

20 Place the razor

Place the razor at the top of your armpit and gently glide the blade downward. Rinse the blade. Continue shaving in downward, upward and sideways directions -- underarm hair grows in all directions. Reapply shaving cream as necessary; you must not shave this tender area without cream.

21 Rinse your armpits

Rinse your armpits well with warm water.

  • Always shave around -- not over -- pimples.
  • A dull blade can easily cut your skin. Change the blade after every three to four uses, or when the blade stops cutting when you glide it over your skin.
  • Very sensitive skin is prone to a bacterial infection called folliculitis. See your doctor if your skin flares up after every shave.
  • Menthol shaving gel can sometimes cause an unwanted reaction when applied to sensitive skin.
  • Use light, short strokes. It's better to go over an area twice than to push the blade too hard into your skin, as that will increase the possibility of cuts and razor burn.

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