How to Remove Cell Phone Screen Scratches

Cell phone screens are quite prone to being scratched.
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Mobile devices are often in contact with fingertips and fingernails or thrown into pockets and backpacks. The mobile nature of cell phones means the display screens are subjected to numerous harsh conditions that can result in a scratch. A single scratch across the front can be annoying and lead to a larger crack in the hardware.

1 Phone Warranty

Before making any attempt to repair the screen, check whether your smartphone's warranty will cover screen scratches. In some cases, only the most specific conditions for scratches are covered under the warranty. If you carry accident protection as part of the warranty, you'll be able to replace the screen at little to no cost, depending on the protection coverage.

2 Screen Protectors

Many smartphone touchscreens are made of Gorilla Glass, sapphire glass or a variety of different polycarbonate materials that are both durable and shatterproof. While resilient, the materials are not impervious to being scratched. Screen protectors provide a urethane-based film across the touchscreen's surface. These thin sheets absorb much of the damage associated with everyday use and accidents alike.

3 Screen Polishing

For anything other than deep scratches or actual cracks to the screen, glass polish is one way to hide the presence of scratches. Consider polishes like cerium oxide, a powder compound that requires mixing with water. Tape off the sides and buttons of the phone so that only the screen of the phone is exposed to the polish. Put a small amount of polish onto a polishing cloth and rub it vigorously in a circular pattern over the scratch. Continue until the compound is fully expended. Use a lint-free cloth to remove the remaining polish from the screen and examine it to see if the scratch is still visible. Repeat previous steps until the scratch is fully covered. This can take upward of an hour to fully complete. After removing the excess polish, clean the screen with a small quantity of water and then remove the tape.

4 DIY Repair

Many different home remedies exist for removing scratches from a smartphone screen. One of the simplest and cheapest methods involves the use of toothpaste. Place a small quantity of toothpaste -- any brand or type works -- on the screen and rub it into the areas where the scratches exist. Let the toothpaste dry for several minutes and then wipe the screen clean with water. If the scratch is still visible, continue the previous steps for several cycles, during which the scratch will fill in gradually.

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