Reasons Why a Girl Would Not Want to Be in a Relationship

Maybe she prioritizes studying over socializing.
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Would-be boyfriends may feel stumped as to why the spunky girl from English is more interested in her books than dating. For that matter, some girls may wonder why they don't feel that compelling urge to date. As of 2013, the approximated median age for a first marriage is 29 for men and 26.6 for women, up from 26.5 and 24.5 only 20 years ago, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Considering this age increase, it stands to reason that many are delaying serious dating. Whether a girl wants to focus on her future or figure herself out, choosing not to couple up is natural.

1 Books Before Boys

Her ambitions may clue you in on why she is foregoing a relationship. If she is headed toward a competitive career field, she may consider her college studies top priority. Similarly, a high school girl who intends to get into a good college might not want to risk it by getting preoccupied. Junior and senior high school girls who already know they want to attend college out of state may not wish to create romantic entanglements they will soon sever.

2 Culture of Romance

In some cases, family, religious or cultural rules dictate that a girl cannot date or that she can only date under certain conditions. For instance, among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 16 is considered an acceptable age to date, according to the article "Dating and Courtship," on the website for Brigham Young University's Harold B. Lee Library. Someone who practices Islam should not be alone with a member of the opposite sex prior to marriage, according to the post, "Muslim Singles: The Truth Behind Dating," on the Adherents website. Furthermore, her parents may enforce a dating age restriction or allow her to date only within the family faith.

3 Indie Girl

Rather than having any particular philosophical or cultural reason for flying solo, the girl might have a strong independent streak. Depending on upbringing and outlook on life, she might feel more comfortable spending Saturday nights playing video games or seeing a movie with friends than getting to know potential boyfriends. While many girls crave the relationship experience and are excited to find a guy, the independent type is more likely to stay single until she knows she's met that special someone. Keep in mind that some people prefer the single life.

4 Identity Issues

While plenty of girls regard dating throughout high school and college as a process of exploration, others struggle with identity questions that may put a damper on their social lives. For instance, a lesbian still in high school might avoid pursuing a relationship if she either denies her orientation or does not want others to find out, according to the TeensHealth article “Sexual Attraction and Orientation.” This often depends on whether she has received accepting or negative messages regarding her orientation.

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