Memletics Accelerated Learning Styles Inventory

Memletics is a customized learning system.

The Memletics Accelerated Learning System is a system designed to help people learn more quickly and retain more of what they have learned through a customized approach to learning. The Memletics Learning Styles Inventory is a tool used as part of the Memletics system. It is designed to help determine the student's ideal style of learning.

1 Memletic Learning Styles

The Memletics system is based on the idea that everybody learns differently, and that students do best when they are able to focus on their own preferred learning style rather than being restricted to a style predetermined by someone else. The learning styles included in the Memletics system include the visual (for those who learn most easily from pictures and symbols), the verbal (for those who learn best through verbal explanation), the logical (for those who prefer to learn by reasoning their way through problems) and the physical (for those who learn best through a "hands-on" approach).

2 Pre-Test Graph

The Memletics Learning Styles Inventory test has several stages, the first of which is the pre-test graph. This stage is a self-assessment -- the person taking the test fills out a graph that resembles a spider web, giving a rating between zero and 20 to each of the learning styles represented on the graph. The pre-test graph can later be compared to the final graph to determine how accurate the test-taker's self-assessment turned out to be.

3 The Questionnaire

The questionnaire portion of the Memletics Learning Styles Inventory test is a series of 70 statements. The person taking the test rates each of the statements by circling either a zero, a one or a two. Zero means that the statement is completely inaccurate in reference to the person taking the test. One means that the statement is partially accurate. Two means the statement is completely accurate. After the questionnaire has been filled out completely, the answers are each assigned to one of the learning styles.

4 Results Graph

The final stage of the Memletics Learning Styles Inventory is the results graph. The answers from the questionnaire are used to generate a new graph, exactly like the pre-test graph except that the information is based on the test rather than on the test-taker's self-assessment. The student can then use this information to customize the Memletics Accelerated Learning System to his dominant and secondary preferred learning styles. The test can be done in Excel, PDF or online formats.

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