Manners & Etiquette Classes for Teenagers

A group of teenagers.
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Manners and etiquette classes are not just for teens in upper-class families or debutantes preparing for a ball. Classes that teach teenagers manners and etiquette can help them prepare for adulthood by teaching them how to treat others with respect, to value integrity and about the expectations of society. These classes can be especially beneficial, as teens are often a bit too impulsive and need guidance when it comes to making appropriate decisions.

1 Poise

Teens in manners and etiquette classes typically learn how to carry themselves with proper poise. They learn the benefits of good posture, along with how to stand and sit correctly. The classes can teach teens how to walk with grace as they learn to pivot and turn so they don't run into others. The lessons in poise can help teens feel and act with confidence, even in new situations.

2 Communication Skills

Manners and etiquette classes teach teens important communication skills that will prepare them for meeting new people, employment interviews and public speaking. Teens learn how to introduce themselves and others properly, shake hands firmly and the importance of eye contact. They also learn telephone manners and etiquette. Further, they'll likely learn how to respond to invitations, as well as when and how to send thank-you notes.

3 Showing Consideration

Teens in classes that teach how to have good manners will learn that showing consideration means putting others first. Teen boys will learn how to exercise “ladies first” techniques, and both genders learn the proper way to go in and out of doors when others are doing the same. These classes also teach teens how to be good sports, no matter if their team is winning or losing a game.

4 Personal Style

Teenagers learn how to look their best through manners and etiquette classes as they learn the appropriate clothing to wear to different events. Instructors review the elements of design and fashion so teens can mix their clothing to assemble different wardrobes using colors and patterns that match. Girls learn how to carry purses properly and learn basic makeup, skin care, hand care and hair-styling techniques. Teen boys, on the other hand, learn how to tie ties and dress formally without feeling uncomfortable.

5 Table Manners

Lessons about table manners are often the most popular, as the students typically learn by participating in a five-course instructional dinner. Teens learn how to set a table and how to use each utensil, plate, bowl and glass. The teens typically learn how to eat different types of foods, such as soups, bread and finger foods. Along with participating in the dinner as a guest, students also learn how to be gracious hosts and the proper way to tip servers at a restaurant.

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