Leadership Games for Middle School Students

There are many leadership games appropriate for middle school students.

Educators at a middle school should consider incorporating several leadership games throughout the year's curriculum. These games are not only fun, but also challenging, and help to develop much-needed leadership skills in the students. Students will greatly benefit from well-developed leadership skills when they enter high school in a few years.

1 Make a Shape

Make a Shape is a communication leadership game that will help middle school students learn the importance of communicating effectively as a leader. A large rope is used and each participant grabs a piece of the rope with both bands. The group then stands in a circle while the instructor asks them to make a shape, such as a star or a diamond, with the rope. The group is not allowed to use hand gestures or speak during this exercise. The instructor must evaluate the shape once the group is finished. The instructor then explains that the better a leader's communication skills are, the better the group will understand a given task. Results will improve with better communication.

2 Newspaper Hop

Newspaper Hop is a leadership game that will encourage students to focus on teamwork and planning. Students are divided into two groups for this game. Ten newspapers are set in a straight line in front of each group. One team member is blindfolded, while another team member uses a bell to guide the blindfolded member over the newspapers. The blindfolded student cannot touch the ground, or step on a newspaper. He must hop over the papers and figure out how to do so based on the bell instructions from the other student. Each student must take a turn wearing the blindfold and getting across the papers. In addition, the team must remember to do this quicker and faster than the other team in order to win the game.

3 Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a fun leadership game for middle school students that will help them learn how to be effective leaders and also how to work well in a group setting. The instructor should hide a treasure somewhere in the school. The treasure could be a homework free day pass or a certificate for an ice cream social at school. The students are divided into two groups, and each group has a designated leader. The leader has clues that will lead them to the treasure hunt, and the leader must use her leadership skills as well as the assets of other group members to find the treasure. The team that finds the treasure first wins the prize.

4 Obstacle Course

Another interactive leadership game for middle school students is Obstacle Course. In this game, the instructor sets up an obstacle course to be completed by the students. Again, the students are divided into two teams and each team has a designated leader. The leader will take his blindfolded team through the obstacle course. Using his words and actions, he must guide his group to safety. The team that completes the obstacle course first wins the game. This will help students identify what type of leader they are, and how they can improve in the future.

Catherine Copeland has been writing professionally since 2005. Her articles have been published in newspapers such as "The Jackson Citizen Patriot" and "The State News." Copeland holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Michigan State University.