What Is Intrapersonal Intelligence?

People with high intrapersonal intelligence make good scientists.

The theory of multiple intelligences was developed by Howard Gardner as a response to the classical view of intelligence. There are eight types of multiple intelligences: linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, visual-spatial, interpersonal, naturalist, intrapersonal and musical-rhythmic. Knowing your intelligence can be used to help understand your learning pattern or assist in finding the right career path based on your talents.

1 Reflection & Analysis

Someone who has intrapersonal intelligence enjoys reflection and analysis. This type of person is very self-aware and in tune with her inner being. She enjoys reflecting on her strengths, have an appreciation for her own feelings and like to analyze her motivations. She has a good understanding of why she feels the way she feels and what her motivations are in a situation. She also likes analyzing theories, relationships and anything else where reflection and critical thinking play an important role. Sometimes these people can get so wrapped up in their reflection that other people may say they are in their “own little world.”

2 Education

Children with high intrapersonal intelligence know who they are, what they can do and what they want to accomplish. They are good at setting and reaching goals, and learning from their mistakes. They may prefer to work alone, rather than work on group activities. They may also have a degree of perfectionism, which can add to their preference to work alone. These children are also highly observant, which can make them good learners who are able to digest and reflect on the information they have learned.

3 Job Potential

People with good intrapersonal intelligence are ideally suited for certain careers, such as a philosopher or scientist. Intrapersonal intelligence tends to reinforce skills of reflecting and analyzing situations, which helps with the critical thinking and analysis needed to succeed at these jobs.

4 Relationships

Someone who has intrapersonal intelligence enjoys exploring his relationships with others and reflecting on them. He likes to analyze his behavior and the behavior of the other person within the relationship. Due to his self-awareness and self-analysis, he has a good understanding of his motives within the relationship.