How to Write Your Own Eulogy. A eulogy is a speech given at a funeral in honor and remembrance of the deceased. While it is usually written by a close friend or family member, you can also write your own eulogy in preparation for your death. Although some may consider this morbid, it may help you create exactly the right mood at your funeral.

Decide whether you want to use first or third person in your eulogy. First person uses "I" and third person uses your name as though you are an outsider writing about yourself.

Determine what you want to say in your eulogy. Will it be a recount of your life, a speech teaching a lesson, or a goodbye to friends and family?

Outline the points you want to cover in your eulogy.

Include personal stories and humor. This will help to lighten the mood.

Write clearly or use a computer so that whoever reads your eulogy will know exactly what you wish to be said.

Stay positive in your eulogy, because this time will already be so sad for friends and family members.


  • After you have written your eulogy, entrust it to the person you wish to read it or give it to your lawyer who is handling your will.


  • Don't take this as an opportunity to say anything rude or hurtful to people who will mourn your death.