How to Write an Essay on Foreign Policy. If you are majoring in political science in college or taking a government class in high school, you may be called upon to write a foreign policy essay. You may also find your self writing a foreign policy essay for publication if you are a graduate student or a professional in the foreign policy field. Writing a foreign policy essay is a powerful opportunity to not only increase your own knowledge but influence the opinions of others. Knowing how to write a foreign policy essay is an important skill.

Write an Essay on Foreign Policy

Narrow your topic. Foreign policy is a pretty broad umbrella under which many different areas for discussion exist. Being as specific as possible will help make researching and writing your essay a lot easier. For example, you could write on "U.S.-China Trade Policy" or "The U.S. Military Presence in Germany."

Form an opinion. This opinion will be the basis for your essay. You will spend the rest of the essay using evidence from your research to prove or disprove your opinion.

State your opinion within the first paragraph of your essay. This will become your thesis statement.

Conduct thorough research. You want to find out everything you can about your chosen topic. Some good sources to consult are the Internet, law books at your college library and the textbooks for your class. You may also want to consider searching old issues of newspapers and foreign policy magazines for information on your topic.

End your essay with a call to action or prediction for future developments regarding your chosen topic. This will give your essay a powerful conclusion and leave readers with something to think about.


  • To find old articles on foreign policy in newspapers and magazines, consult the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature at your local or school library. If you need assistance with how to properly cite sources, make sure you consult the appropriate style manual. Most Political Science writing is cited in APA style. However, you should clarify with your instructor just what citation style he is expecting for your essay.


  • Make sure you cite all of your sources when writing your foreign policy essay. If you use material from someone else's work without citing it, this is known as plagiarism and is a serious ethical offense in the academic world. Plagiarism could cause you to fail your class, get kicked out of school or lose your job.