How to Start a Daily Goal Journal

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Start a daily goal journal to help focus on your dreams and goals for your life. Writing down goals makes it easier to achieve them. Take the time to list your goals and then look at the journal frequently to motivate yourself.

1 Have goals

We all have goals large and small for our life. Writing down your goals in a daily goal journal will ensure you make them a priority in your life. Start by getting a notebook or journal to write in. Find a special pen or pencil that you will keep with the journal.

2 Have a few free moments

Every day at either a set time or whenever you have a few free moments write at least one goal in your journal. The goal may be a small easy goal, such as remember to smile at everyone you see that day. Or the goal may be a long-term goal, requiring years of effort, such as go to college or start a new business.

3 Be consistent and diligent

Be consistent and diligent. Write in your goal journal everyday. Also look over the journal frequently to ensure you are following up on your goals.

4 Go back and update your progress

At least once a week go back and update your progress on one goal. Keep adding your progress reports until you achieve the goal. Read over your progress reports to strengthen your motivation to achieve your goals.

5 Want to start this project

You may want to start this project with a friend. If you both have daily goal journals and meet to discuss your goals once a month or however often you want to it will increase your motiviation.