Everyone can use a little luck in their lives. Luckily for them, there are special lucky numbers that can be calculated for every person based on either their birthdays or their names. The birthdate is used to calculate each individual's life path number, secondary life path numbers, birthday's lucky number, and Fadic birthday lucky number. Along with these lucky numbers, an individual's name is used to produce the fifth type of lucky number, conveniently known as the name lucky number.

Calculate Your Life Path and Secondary Life Path Numbers

Use the numbers in your birthdate to determine your life path number. To do this, write out your birthdate using the numerical form mm/dd/yyyy. This will provide you with a total of eight numbers, include all of the zeroes.

As an example, if your birthdate is October 10, 1970, you would write 10/10/1970.

Sum each of the individual digits that you wrote in Step 1. This means you will be adding eight different numbers together. If your total is nine or less, you can stop at this point.

In the example from Step 1, you would add 1+0+1+0+1+9+7+0=19.

Add the digits from your computation in Step 3 if your total is ten or more. If the number you get is above 10 the second time, add the individual digits again. Continue doing this until you have a total that is a single digit. This is your life path number.

In Step 2 your total was 19. It's over nine so you would add 1+9=10. That's still over nine, so add 1+0=1. This means one is your life path number.

Compute your secondary life path numbers by continuing to add nine to your life path number. Write down each total after adding nine, and continue this until your total is 100 or over. Ignore the number that is over 100. The other numbers combine to provide your secondary life path numbers.

In our example, this means your secondary life path numbers would be 10 (a life path number of one, plus nine), followed by 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73, 82 and 91.

Determine Your Birthday and Fadic Birthday Lucky Numbers

Determine your birthday's lucky number. Write down the day of the month on which you were born; this is your birthday's lucky number. For example, if you were born on October 10, 1970, your birthday's lucky number would be 10.

Determine the lucky number for your Fadic birthday. To do this, write down the numeric day that you were born. If this number is lower than 10, that is your lucky Fadic birthday number. In our example from Step one, this number is 10, and you need to progress to Step 3.

Continue your computation of your lucky Fadic birthday number if your total in Step 2 is 10 or above. Add the two digits in your birthday together. The sum of these two numbers is your lucky Fadic birthday number. For our example, your birthday's lucky number would be 1+0, which is one.

Calculate Your Lucky Numbers From Your Name

Write down your first, middle, and last names on a piece of paper. Below each of the letters, write the numerical equivalent of the order in the alphabet that letter holds. The letter A would have a value of one and Z would have a value of 26.

If your name was Tim Al Kid your numbers would look like this for each name 20(T) + 9(I) + 13(M), 1(A) + 12(L), and 11(K) + 9(I) + 4(D)

Leave any single digit alone in your name, as this will be used for your name's lucky number calculation. For any two-digit numbers, add the two digits together and this becomes the number you will use for that letter in your name's calculation for it's lucky number.

For the letter T add 2+0=2, for I leave it as 9 as it's a single digit, and for M add 1+3=4 since it was a two-digit number. For Al the numbers would be 1 and 3, and for Kid it would be 2, 9 and 4.

Add all the numbers you have assigned to the letters in your name. Calculate these for your first name, middle name and last name separately. This will provide you with three different sets of lucky numbers.

Your lucky number for Tim would be 2+9+4=15, for Al it would be 1+3=4, and for Kid it would be 2+9+4=15.


  • Use these lucky number calculations as part of your next party, and guide your guests through the steps for determining their own lucky numbers.


  • These lucky numbers are for entertainment purposes only, and are not guaranteed to provide you any financial gain by using them.