How to Do a Cajun Accent. From the Acadian French settlers, the Cajun accent with its mix of French, Indian, and African dialects, is one of the most vibrant and unusual still alive in the US today. Doing an accurate Cajun accent will take a little practice but is a lot of fun. Read on to learn how to do a Cajun accent.

Use slang terms and make common grammar mistakes as much as possible. Use the slang version of a word over the more correct English version, and be creative with the language by using mix and match grammar.

Trail off at the ends of words by not pronouncing the last consonants so that words like "sold" just become "sol." Put emphasis on the vowels in the words but just drop the last sound.

Draw out words in much the same way as any deep Southern accent and add a singsong lilt to your pronunciation. The sounds should come out almost as if singing rather than speaking.

Drop all the "h" sounds, especially when making a "th" sound so thing comes out as "ting." Be lazy with these sounds and never be in a rush to finish the words, so short sentences can take longer than they normally would.

Be theatrical especially when telling a story and don't be afraid to use gestures and speak loudly. Cajun accents are also quite flowing, so avoid sounding stilted or making precise sounds. Listen to real Cajun accents and try to imitate the way of speaking and putting together words.

Intersperse conversation with simple French phrases or words that are commonly used in language today such as Joie de vivre or monsieur. Using a few direct French words will make your accent seem even more authentic.