Temple garments, worn by members of the LDS church, bare sacred marks to symbolize the wearer's personal endowment with their faith. As part of one's personal vow to the Mormon church, temple garments must be worn at all times beneath the clothing. Disposing of temple garments once they are beyond repair requires extra care, depending on your personal beliefs.

Cut the marks from the fabric of the temple garment, or underwear, using the scissors. The marks of the garment give the clothing the spiritual connection to the wearer's religion.

Dispose of the garments by simply tossing them into the garbage, but keep the cut-out marks.

Dispose of the marks by either burning them, or cutting them up. Alternatively, some people choose to keep the removed marks in either keepsake boxes, underwear drawers or other private place. The marks of your temple garments must never be discussed or shown to anybody, depending on your level of personal faith.