How to Convert Indian Lakhs

Rupees are the currency in India.

If you’re planning a visit to India, you may find yourself confused when it comes to converting local currency. The standard Indian monetary currency is called a “rupee,” and the word lakh or lac means “100,000.” This is the main fact to remember when you want to convert Indian lakhs. Once you have this fact you can easily convert your lakhs to U.S. dollars or another world currency by referencing a monetary conversion chart.

Count your lakhs to arrive at your cash on hand. For an example, we will use seven lakhs as cash on hand.

Multiply lakhs on hand by 100,000 to arrive at total rupees. Seven lakhs times 100,000 equals 700,000 rupees.

Convert the rupee amount to the desired currency. For example, according to Bankrate on April 5, 2011 the exchange rate was .02225 rupees per U.S. dollar. Multiply .02225 times the example amount of 700,000 rupees to arrive at dollar value on hand, which is $15,625.50 in U.S. currency.

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