If you need money now you may be trying any and everything to get that cash. There are a variety of jobs you could do from selling plasma to working odd jobs, but this can only bring in so much. To increase your cash flow from whatever you're doing, you can use free money spells that work.

Set two candles up, one green and one white. The green symbolizes money spells that work while the white represents the purity of it - so that your white magic does not turn bad.

Circle the candles with six coins - Sacajawea gold dollars are ideal as they are a large coin-money amount and have a wealthy gold color. The more you need money the better and more mint the coin should be; obviously don't ruin a collector coin for this spell casting.

Light the candles. Use a fresh match for each one.

Say, "Money now will grow, money now shall flow, money will be mine."

Sprinkle a green cloth with cinnamon then collect the coins and place them one by one onto the cloth.

With each coin say, "Bring me great riches, so mote it be." You have successfully cast a free money spell that works.

Things Needed

  • ['Green candle', 'white candle', '6 coins', 'green cloth', 'cinnamon']


  • This spell is especially useful if you need money, almost desperately so. Magic is stronger when emotions are stronger. As with any spell, even money spells that work may wear off. Redo the spell whenever you feel necessary.


  • This will not result in making money now, right now. It will be a slow build most likely and you can't just sit back and wait - after all, how do you win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket?