Olive oil is a common base for anointing oil.

Anointing oil is a holy sacrament used within ancient Judaism, Christianity and Catholicism. Anointing oil is prevalent throughout biblical text. The first noted anointing was performed by Jacob in Genesis 28, when he anointed a stone as a memorial to God. The use of anointing oil was for the sacred purpose of "sanctifying" or "setting apart" a particular person, place or thing for God's exclusive use. In Exodus 30: 22-27, God gave the priests a special recipe that had to be followed precisely in mixing the anointing oil. As of 2011, some of the original ingredients have been slightly modified.

Pour olive oil into a sterile glass jar.

Add the myrrh and frankincense to the olive oil.

Place the lid on the jar and shake thoroughly. Let the oil sit for a few days to allow the ingredients to merge.

Hold the oil up and pray an extemporaneous prayer from the heart/spirit. Ask for God's forgiveness. Ask God to sanctify the oil and bless it for God's exclusive use. Ask God to bless and sanctify everyone and everything that the oil shall be applied to. Acknowledge your faith and ability to believe that it has been done.

Store the oil in a cool and clean place separate from other body fragrances and oils. Use anointing oil exclusively for spiritual/religious purposes.

Things Needed

  • ['1/2 cup olive oil', '1/4 teaspoon liquid myrrh, or 4 to 5 grains of raw', '1/4 teaspoon liquid frankincense, or 4 to 5 grains of raw', 'Sterile glass jar with spout and lid']


  • You can purchase anointing oil that has been specially mixed by priests, using the original recipe found in the Old Testament. In this case, the oil has already been blessed.