How to Act Like a Spy. James Bond was no real secret spy, acting like a member of high society while saving the world. If you really want to act like you're part of the CIA, you need to really know how to be secret. A good spy is someone who can be undetectable while being an observer and collector of information.

Blending In

Change your name, and do it often. Never tell anyone what your real name is. At the same time, you should use the same alias in the same region so people won't get confused and suspicious.

Know how to blend in with society. You need to look like the average joe on the street--someone nobody could find in a crowd.

Be a master of disguise. This includes costumes and makeup to conceal your identity. Again, any disguise must blend in with your surroundings.

Get a car that will blend in. If you have to have the laser headlights and ejector seat, fine. You're still better off with the car reading Chevrolet than Mercedes.

Trust no one. Remember that even your closest friend could become a foe. Always be on your guard.


Be observant at all times. A spy requires the same skills as a detective or journalist. You must be able to notice every small detail and listen sharply.

Know how to enter places you're not supposed to. This will involve picking locks and possibly climbing walls.

Know how to hide. The art of concealment is one of the most important tasks. You must be able to make yourself invisible and keep yourself hidden for long periods of time.

Get surveillance devices like listening bugs and mini-cameras. Plant them in places where you need to record information. Make sure they are well hidden.

Gather all the intelligence you can. Take down notes and collect pieces of information. Keep all this secure.