Good Titles for an Essay on Literacy

Good Titles for an Essay on Literacy

Which came first, the title or the essay topic? Great titles engage the potential reader with memorable words and can help direct students to essay subjects as well. While many students are content to give their written essays the first title that pops into their heads, taking the time to come up with a sharp essay title can draw in your reader and potentially improve your grade. An essay on literacy necessitates finding a strong title especially important because your essay likely emphasizes the importance of reading. Whether you're writing a short essay or a long term paper, try choosing a title that could reflect your own grasp of literacy, your passion for the paper's topic and the topic itself.

1 Technical Titles

A title for an essay on literacy is sometimes best when it serves main function of alerting the reader as to the essay's topic. This is especially true for a scientific study of literacy. In this case, come up with a title that conveys your main point. Examples include: "Why Reading Helps Brain Development in Children," "The Impact of the Internet on Literacy Rates" and "The Hidden Links Between Literacy and Income Levels." In all cases, isolate the topic of your paper and phrase it in as few words as possible.

2 Impactful Titles

Sometimes the best titles for an essay on literacy aim to grab the reader's interest through emotional impact. This approach works well if your essay contains examples of literacy's impact on individual people. Find the best anecdote in your essay, and turn it into a title that also conveys your argument. For example, you might choose a title like: "A Mother's Story: How Adult Literacy Can Save the American Family." Without giving too much away, the title personalizes the essay's main point and draws in the reader.

3 Quotations

Many famous quotes exist about the topic of literacy. Finding a good one and using it appropriately can be a great way to come up with a title for your literacy essay. Frederick Douglass famously wrote, "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." Spin this passage by using a title like: "Becoming Forever Free: The Importance of Learning to Read." You might even include the Douglass quotation as an epigraph to your essay.

4 Humorous Titles

Essay titles that contain humor can work well for your literacy essay if your topic is not as serious. Consider using a pun in your title, such as: "Black, White, and Read All Over: A Study of Newspapers and Literacy" or "Booking Time Off for Books: Reading on your Summer Vacation." Using humor in your title sets the tone for your essay, and can make your audience want to begin reading. You might also consider self-referential humor for your title, such as "Me Read Good" or "How Literacy Can Help You Read This Essay."

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