Pronoun Games & Activities

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Identifying and using pronouns correctly in a sentence takes practice, and there are things students can do beyond traditional drill activities and board work. Students usually understand the definition of a pronoun but need to see and use pronouns in order to internalize what a pronoun is. Games and activities can be done on the Internet or in class using skills from other subjects.

1 Integrate Pronouns with Reading and Writing

Give students pre-made paper books and ask them to create their own pronoun book. Students can write a sentence using any pronoun and then underline the pronoun in order to show they know which word in the sentence is the pronoun. Afterward, students can draw a picture. Students can also identify pronouns in a reading passage. Give students short stories and ask them to highlight the pronouns in the story with a marker or crayon. This activity can also be done with a newspaper.

Vocabulary Builder

2 Substitute Nouns for Pronouns has a game to practice using pronouns correctly. Students have the task of building a house. In order to complete the task, they have to read the sentence and then choose the correct pronoun to use in place of the noun in the sentence. Each time a student answers correctly, a new part of the house is added until the building, door, window and roof is there. In order to play this game, students must already know their pronouns because answer choices are not given.

3 Sort and Identify Pronouns

Curriculum has an Internet game students can play sorting singular and plural pronouns. Students are shown an underlined pronoun in a sentence and then are required to drag the pronoun under the singular heading or the plural heading. Once the word is there, students click the check mark to check their responses. If their answer is correct, they can continue to the next sentence. If students respond incorrectly twice, then the answer is given. As the game progresses, the pronoun is no longer underlined and students have to identify it in the sentences and drag it to the correct heading. Eventually students are only required to click on the pronoun in the sentence. The game continues until all sentences are completed. At the end of the game, students can print a report to show how well they did with this game.

4 Mixed Practice

Once students have learned the different types of pronouns, they can continue practicing their skills at English Grammar This website has activities that are categorized by types of pronouns so that students can focus on a specific type of pronoun, such as personal or possessive, or complete activities with all types of pronouns. The website has a chart with the different types of pronouns students can review before choosing which type of activity they would like to do. All activities require students to read a sentence and then type in the correct pronoun based on the context of the sentence. When all of the sentences are completed, a link is there so students can check their answers.

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