Choosing a list of dorms at college is never an easy task, especially if the soon-to-be student has never visited each of the dorms on campus at Florida State University.

Check out Wildwood Hall. This is the newest dorm on the FSU campus and thus the cleanest available. This dorm houses 700 male and female students. It is suite-style meaning that two rooms shares one bedroom (simply put: four students share one bathroom).

Consider Reynolds Hall, a very nice dorm that houses just under 400 male and female students. This dorm is restricted to students in the Wellness Lifestyle Program and Pre-health Professions Learning Community. It features suite-style living.

Visit Landis Hall. This dorm recently underwent an extensive renovation. It is suite-style and houses 403 male and female students. Occupancy in this dorm is very selective as it is restricted to just Honors Program students. A meal plan is required to live in this dorm.

Try Cawthon Hall, a very nice, clean dorm located near Strozier Library and Landis Green. This dorm is suite-style and houses 297 male and female students.