The Effects of an Overcrowded Classroom

Overcrowded classrooms can have negative effects on students and teachers

With the number of students enrolled in schools increasing, according to the National Center for Educational statistics, schools are forced to put more children in each classroom or use smaller spaces as classrooms. This overcrowding can have negative effects on students and teachers.

1 Teacher Morale

A crowded classroom does not allow for the teacher to have enough personal office space for lesson preparation
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Teaching in a small space is stressful for the teacher, who has to adapt lesson plans to focus more on work that students can complete at their desks instead of group work or active projects that require more floor space. In addition, the teacher often does not have enough personal office space for lesson preparation and meetings with parents or students.

2 Student Behavior

Overcrowded classrooms prevents students from concentrating on the lessons
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Students who are seated close to one another in a classroom might have difficulty focusing on the lessons, which leads to less learning and lower test scores. The invasion of personal space and feelings of being crowded both contribute to the lack of focus. In addition, students can be distracted by noises that are in close proximity to them in an overcrowded classroom.

3 Classroom Equipment

Overcrowded classrooms can prevent students from learning how to use science and art equipment
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Overcrowded classrooms often do not have enough space for supplementary equipment. For example, a classroom might have to forgo computer stations to use the space for student desks. Science and art equipment also require space that an overcrowded classroom does not have.