Facts About the Great Plains in Texas

Texas is part of the Great Plains.

The Great Plains is an enormous area of land that covers parts of 10 different states. One of those states within the physical proximity of the Great Plains is Texas. Whether you're a geography buff or you want to plan a trip to the Great Plains region in this state, learning some facts will help you.

1 Physical Components

In Texas, the Great Plains covers central Texas, west-central Texas and the majority of the panhandle, which is the northern-most part of the state. In this northern section, the landscape of the Great Plains is generally rather flat and without trees, which is known as the High Plains. These areas of the Great Plains reach great heights. Some of them are as high in elevation as 2,500 feet, while others extend to 4,700 feet above sea level.

2 Climate

Generally, the area of the Great Plains in Texas is colder than the rest of the state. The reason for this is that the cold winds come from the north and travel down the Great Plains region. The farther north you go, the colder it gets. In the panhandle, January temperatures average 34 degrees Fahrenheit. However, as you travel south, temperatures start to average closer to 60 degrees Fahrenheit for the same month.

3 Major Cities

As you travel the Great Plains in Texas, you should know some of the biggest cities in the region. Six major cities are found in this area of the state. The cities are Austin, the capital of Texas, San Angelo, Midland, Odessa, Lubbock and Amarillo. A range of attractions rest in these cities, going from the ranches and canyons in Amarillo to the historic museums in the Midland.

4 Products

The Texas panhandle is part of a range that stretches down from Nebraska, well known for the cattle that farmers in the area fatten for market. Furthermore, Texas is one of the top eight producers of wheat in the United States, due to the ideal conditions for growing the product in the Great Plains region. Minerals, petroleum gas and natural gas are also major products which come from the Great Plains region in Texas.

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