Foods of the Tundra

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The tundra is the frozen, northernmost areas of the world found in Alaska and Canada. The harsh environment coupled with the permafrost found in the tundra prevents large plants like trees from growing, but does not limit all plant growth. Fungi, lichens, flowers and shrubs are common to the tundra and allow animals to live in the harsh environment.

1 Fish

Fish is one of the staple dietary foods of the Inuit peoples living in and around the tundra. Salmon is the main fish eaten in the frozen north, as the fish is plentiful throughout the region. Fish are caught in rivers and the ocean and eaten raw or smoked.

2 Berries

Berries grow abundantly in the frozen northern regions and are one of the main dietary foods of the Inuit peoples of Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Siberia. The Inuit people gather berries during the summer months and eat them fresh or freeze the berries for the winter months. The berries are high in vitamin C.

3 Wild Game

Wild game in the frozen tundra varies by location and proximity to the ocean. Inland wild game consists primarily of caribou. Seal is a staple for those near the ocean. Other options include bears, fox, hare, arctic birds, whales and walrus.

4 Greens and Roots

Greens and roots vary by the area of the tundra, but might include edible leaves and plant roots, seaweed and even clover. The tundra has around 400 flower varieties, according to the University of California at Berkeley.