What Is the Equation for the Decomposition of Aluminum Chloride?


Hi, I'm Rachel. And today, we're going to be going over how to write an equation for the decomposition of aluminum chloride. So, we start by writing the different substances. We have ALCL-three (ALCL3) which is the aluminum chloride. And then, we draw an arrow to show what it's breaking into. Its going to breakdown into aluminum plus chlorine, which CL-two (CL2). So now we have our equation. Now we have to balance it. We see that we have three chlorine on this side and two on this side. So, we have to put a two in front here and a three in front here. So then we have six on each side, so that it's even. But now, we have two aluminum on this side and none, only one on this side. So now we have to multiply this by two, add the two for a coefficient. And now let's check, we have two here, two here of aluminum, six chlorine and six chlorine. So now, it's balanced. So here is our decomposition of aluminum chloride. I'm Rachel and thank you for learning with me today.

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