How to Divide Big Numbers


Hi, I'm Racquel Ward, Learning Specialist. Today, I'm going to show you how to divide large numbers. The first step is to put your numbers in long division form. The numerator goes on the inside and the denominator goes on the outside. In this problem, our denominator is four, so we'll put it on the outside and the numerator is 1032, which is on the inside. The second step is to divide left to right. So, we'll divide four into one. But, that doesn't always go and it certainly doesn't go for this problem. So, we're going to group the first two digits and the numerator together. Four goes into 10 two times . This is where you start the third step which is the cycle of divide, multiply, subtract, bring it down. For this problem, after you're going through that cycle, we got a sum or total of 258.

Racquel Ward is a learning specialist with a master's degree in general and special education.