Cute Ways to Apologize to Your Boyfriend Through Texts

Avoid sending dozens of texts that may be more annoying than apologetic.
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When your guy gets upset or has hurt feelings and you're at fault, a swift apology is a must. While a verbal sorry is a first step, using a cute, creative way to apologize may boost the chances that his mood will soften and he'll forgive you. Even though texting may seem impersonal, you can use this type of technology to turn his grimaced frown into a sweet smile.

1 Apology Basics

Before you let your fingers do the talking, make sure that you understand the basics of a sincere apology. Since you aren't face to face with your guy, getting the message across in a written form is key. A sincere apology includes an acknowledgement of wrong-doing, an acceptance of responsibility, an attempt to make up for the offense and an assurance that it won't happen again, according to psychologist John Grohol's "Psych Central" article "How to Make an Adept, Sincere Apology." Consider these parts of an apology when you are crafting your texts. While you don't have to include all of the parts -- some offenses won't require it -- you should have at least one in the mix.

2 Quote It

Since you are already sending a written apology message, why not make the most out of it and use a masterful quote. Pick a cute quote that fits your apology. Go with a line from a favorite poem, pick a piece of prose from William Shakespeare, or visit a quote website such as "BrainyQuote" or "Quote Garden" for a friendly phrase. Keep the quote short, choosing a one-liner instead of a poetic paragraph. Set the context for the quote and preface it with a line such as "I'm sorry for ..." and include the offense.

3 In Your Eyes

A truly heartfelt apology involves looking into your partner's eyes and showing remorse for the pain that you've caused, according to psychiatrist Mark Goulston's article "I'm Sorry: Apologies ... The Good, the Bad and the Heartfelt" for "Psychology Today." Even though texting doesn't allow you to look into your guy's eyes, you can create a cute message that has a similar effect. Snap a selfie of your eyes -- without the blinding flash -- or download a picture of your eyes to your smartphone. Add a message such as, "Can you see how sorry I am?" to the photo text.

4 Picture an Apology

If you're at a loss for the right words to apologize to your guy, say it with pictures instead. Use emoticons or a picture app to insert small-sized images into your texts. For example, if your boyfriend needs time to feel better about what you did, send a picture of a clock and the Earth along with a line such as "I'll give you all the time in the world." Another option is to send him "flowers" over the phone. Instead of the real deal, text him a rose emoticon pic as part of your apology.

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