Cut and Paste Phonics Activities for the Second Grade

Cut-and-paste activities build phonics skills that are crucial to reading success.

Phonics is understanding how letters are combined to make sounds and words, which is an essential step toward learning to read. Cut-and-paste projects offer the opportunity for second graders to engage in a hands-on-learning experience while developing essential phonics skills. These activities also strengthen fine motor skills. Several activities can enhance second-graders phonics skills while allowing kids to explore their creativity and self-expression.

1 Frog on a Log Activity

In second grade, it is crucial for kids to build reading vocabulary. Understanding compound words (long words that are made of two shorter words combined) expand children's vocabulary and make reading easier. Students will practice compound words with this cut-and-paste activity. The students will cut out several frogs and logs. The frogs contain the first word in a compound word like lily and the logs have the second word like pad. The child will glue the frog to the correct log. The teacher can take the finished projects and create a classroom bulletin board.

Vocabulary Builder

2 Spider Prefix

The quickest way to boost second-graders vocabulary is by teaching prefixes. A prefix is a word part added at the beginning of the word to create a word with another meaning. Halloween is the perfect time for second graders to learn prefixes with this spider cut-and-paste activity. After completing a spider lesson, explain the meaning of a prefix. The teacher will draw several spider heads which each contain a different prefix and the meaning. On a separate sheet of paper draw the spider legs with the correct ending to make up the words. The child will cut out the spiders and legs and glue the legs on the spider with that contains the correct prefix. When finished the children can draw webs to place the spiders on and suspend from the ceiling.

3 Crabby Contractions

The crabby contractions cut-and-paste activity teaches an important language skill that ends with beautiful ocean displays in the classroom. Students will color and cut out several crab bodies and claws. The crab's head will contain the contraction and the two pinchers will have the two words that make up the contraction. The students will glue the claws to the correct crab. Students will then take a shoebox, art materials, their crabs, and make different ocean scenes. Display the ocean dioramas around the classroom.

4 Fishy Vowels

When second-graders start the school year, it is a good idea to review long and short vowel sounds. It is crucial that children master this skill before learning more complex language skills. Fishy vowels cut-and-paste activity is perfect to use to reinforce these phonics skills. Students will cut out fishbowls with short and long vowel words written on them. Next, the students will cut out fish that contain a long or short vowel word. Students will paste the fish to the correct fishbowl. When complete, display around the classroom.

Lisa King has a Bachelor of Arts in education. She has been writing articles for over 10 years and currently writes for various websites about education and other topics. King specializes in articles that educate parents with special-needs children.